Areas of Focus


Waterford Global is dedicated to applying its unique expertise to the goal of alleviating critical physician shortages, both in Canada and abroad.


Our global network of satellite offices provides us with the ability to maintain a keen understanding of agricultural developments and the concerns of top-level talent.

Professional and Financial Services

We’ve assisted in the recruitment and placement of transformational leadership talent from national and international pools, for positions throughout Canada and across the world.

Construction and Infrastructure

Waterford Global operates at a national and international scale to provide partners with access to industry leading engineering, executive, project management, and technical expertise.


Waterford Global has assisted partners with the national and international recruitment of mid-to-senior level executives, designers, and talent with technical expertise in product design, product development, ecommerce, and digital retailing.

Natural Resources

The need for specialized engineering, technologist, and related talent often requires the combination of a domestic and off-shore search strategy.

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